Preparing a Home for Real Estate Photos

Having a home ready for professional real estate photography is very important when it comes to selling that home quickly and at the highest possible price.

Here are some tips to be ready for your real estate photo shoot:

    1. Please have the house ready to be photographed prior to your scheduled photo shoot.
    2. For the kitchen, clear counters of all dishes, dish drainers, sponges, cleaning supplies, towels, toasters, toaster ovens, various appliances, etc. While a towel hung on the stove may look great for showings, it makes photos look cluttered. The same goes for flower arrangements and things like that. Sometimes, things are great for showings, but not for photos.
    3. For bathrooms, clear counters of toiletries, lower toilet seats and lids, minimize number of towels hung on towel bars and/or racks.
    4. Turn on all lights and lamps in each room. This includes any under-counter lighting in the kitchen. If bulbs are burnt out, please replace prior to photo shoot.
    5. Turn off ceiling fans in each room. Lights that are part of ceiling fans can be left on.
    6. If the home has gas fireplaces, turn on the fireplace about 10 minutes before scheduled photo shoot.
    7. Close windows, but leave blinds, curtains, drapes open.
    8. Cars should be removed from driveway. Also, cars should be removed from along front curb if possible.
    9. Front and Back yards should be clear of clutter and debris.
    10. Pets will need to be kept away from areas  being photographed.